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Intended for resellers buying in bulk with invoices supplied upon delivery. Current product status as of 17 June 2020.

Product Unit Status CHF/unit Add to Order Description
DRY 330 mL Available 3.30 Our original four-apple blended dry cider. Light mouthfeel, crisp aroma, well balanced, and easy to drink.
750 mL Available 8.50
Litre Conditioning 7.00
RED 750 mL Available 11.40 A unique single-apple red cider. Natural color with a hint of sweetness.
Litre Available 9.50
PEAR 750 mL Available 9.20 A single-pear cider. 2019's vintage saw a spontaneous malolactic fermentation leading to a slightly softer acidity and therefore more perceived sweetness.
Litre Available 7.50

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How to order

Order directly above with a 30 day invoice - no credit card details required. We use Snipcart as our cart provider. Otherwise, contact us via Instagram or at contact at blackdotcider dot ch

Minimum order

This depends on where you’re located. Currently we have two tiers depending on your postal code:

SW Switzerland (1000-1999) = CHF 100

Rest of Switzerland (2000+) = CHF 600

How we deliver

We’ll aim to deliver within three days in SW Switzerland and 10 days for the rest of Switzerland.

How we pack

330 mLBoxes of 24 bottles
750 mLBoxes of 6 bottles
Litre30 L key kegs

How we invoice

We’re a paperless company. We’ll provide you with an electronic invoice payable within 30 days upon delivery.

Stock levels

We rely on a yearly harvest. Once we sell out of a product, it won’t be available until Spring the following year.

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