Our Story


We source our apples and pears from a single farmer that grows several varieties across orchards located between Coppet and Nyon.

As soon as each year’s harvest is over, our farmer pasteurizes the pressed juice before transporting it to us. From here, we ferment, bottle, and condition the cider ourselves - by hand.

Once it’s ready, we move the cider onto our distribution channels and ultimately to your favorite bar, shop, or restaurant.


Our farmer harvests the fruit between October and December each year, depending on the variety. Our aim is to press and ferment the juice as soon as we can during winter months.

After we ferment the juice, the cider is now ready to bottle and mature. We do this during the late winter months and leave it to mature until early spring.

From Spring, the cider is ready to drink - although it gets better with age!


We are passionate about creating quality products and want to help consumers connect with their local fruit.